Arctic Art Book Fair 2020

The Arctic Art Book Fair is an international art book fair and self-publishing festival. The fair will showcase local, national and international artists and small press publishers from the circumpolar north. The fair, which will be hosted by a different arctic country in the upcoming years, hopes to provides a sustainable meeting place and exhibition venue for arctic artistic communities and local audiences from the Barents region. It is also committed to arctic content, with a focus on indigenous perspectives, marginalized voices and emphasizes on cross-border collaborations.

This year the fair is organized in Tromsø, Norway, by Mondo Books. Mondo Books is an independent, artist-run book platform that focuses on publishing, workshops, and distribution in the nordic region of Sapmi.

We currently have an open call for materials from the circumpolar regions: Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Sapmi, Russia, etc. Please send us an email with what you would like to show and we´ll do our best to include your work. Space is limited. Deadline October 5th, 2020. Questions, concerns and submissions can be sent to:

More coming soon. Follow us on Instagram to stay posted.