Skániid girjie


Skániid girjie is a small Sámi publishing house established in Skánik/Skånland by Asbjørg Skåden in 1999. The initial purpose for establishing Skániid girjie was to publish a large geneology that she had been working on toghether with Aslaug Olsen and Anna Huuva Dynesius, tracing regional Sámi families back to the 17th century across the Swedish-Norwegian border. Publishing however soon became a lifestyle for Skåden, and over the next 20 years she published some 60 books working out of her basement, quite extensive for a one person Sámi publisher. The common factor of all the books published at Skániid girjie is their Sámi relevance, but there is otherwise a big variety spanning from Sámi language fiction for both children, youths and adults to non-fiction books on reindeer husbandry and traditional storytelling. The most major projects on the publisher are however her own, including a number of dictionaries and terminology and phraseology books mapping regional Sámi language, and the extensive mapping of Sámi place names and their history in the local municipalities. Due to a house fire in 2017 several of the most important works of the publisher are out stock, but many titles are still available. Asbjørg Skåden passed away in April of 2020, but worked with Skániid girjie until the end, publishing the last book of the publisher in December of 2019, a south Sámi translation of one of her own children’s books. 

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